July 12, 2024

As the May evaluation period kicks off, USC football is gearing up to scout potential recruits who could bolster their roster in the upcoming seasons. With the transfer portal and high school talent pool brimming with prospects, the Trojans’ coaching staff faces crucial decisions on which players to extend offers to. Here are five offers USC should consider making during this period:

1. Local Standout Quarterback

Identifying a talented quarterback is paramount for any collegiate football program, and USC is no exception. In the May evaluation period, USC should focus on local quarterback prospects who have demonstrated exceptional skill and potential. Whether it’s a high school standout or a transfer with collegiate experience, securing a promising signal-caller could provide stability and leadership for the team.

Five offers USC football should make in the May evaluation period

2. Dynamic Wide Receiver

USC’s aerial attack has long been a cornerstone of its offensive strategy, and adding a dynamic wide receiver could elevate the team’s passing game to new heights. The May evaluation period presents an opportunity for USC to identify receivers with speed, route-running ability, and reliable hands. By targeting a playmaker at the wide receiver position, the Trojans can diversify their offensive arsenal and keep opposing defenses on their toes.

3. Defensive Playmaker

A strong defense is essential for success in college football, and USC should use the May evaluation period to target defensive players who can make an immediate impact. Whether it’s a disruptive pass rusher, a ball-hawking cornerback, or a hard-hitting linebacker, the Trojans need players who can create turnovers and shut down opposing offenses. By prioritizing defensive playmakers, USC can solidify its defense and give its team a competitive edge.

4. Versatile Offensive Lineman

The offensive line is the backbone of any football team, and USC must prioritize recruiting versatile offensive linemen who can excel in both run-blocking and pass protection schemes. During the May evaluation period, USC should target linemen who possess size, strength, and agility, as well as the ability to adapt to different playing styles. By bolstering its offensive line, USC can provide better protection for its quarterbacks and create running lanes for its running backs.

5. Impact Transfer

With the transfer portal reshaping the college football landscape, USC should explore the possibility of adding an impact transfer during the May evaluation period. Whether it’s a graduate transfer looking for an opportunity to contribute immediately or an underclassman seeking a fresh start, USC can benefit from bringing in experienced players who can make an immediate impact on the field. By targeting the right transfer prospects, USC can address specific areas of need and add depth to its roster.

In conclusion, the May evaluation period presents USC football with a prime opportunity to identify and recruit top talent that can help the team succeed in the upcoming seasons. By strategically targeting prospects at key positions, including quarterback, wide receiver, defense, offensive line, and through the transfer portal, USC can strengthen its roster and position itself for success in the highly competitive landscape of college football.

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