July 12, 2024

The 20-55 Chicago White Sox are possibly the weakest team in MLB, unlikely to compete soon.

In contrast, the 36-38 Pittsburgh Pirates are showing signs of progress after years of average performance.

While they have flaws, they are in the mix with several teams vying for a Wild Card playoff spot.

Their offense particularly needs improvement.

Jomboy Media analyst @jolly_olive suggests they pursue a impact player before the trade deadline.

He points to Luis Robert Jr. of the White Sox as a potential target.

“Talkin’ Baseball tweeted, sharing a video of @Jolly_Olive’s analysis: ‘The Pittsburgh Pirates should trade for Luis Robert,'” they reported.

The analyst believes the Pirates should seize their opportunity, bolstered by a promising trio of young pitchers who deserve stronger offensive support.

“We can’t predict the future, but we do know that Paul Skenes, Jared Jones, and Mitch Keller are in good form and healthy. The Pirates are in contention but lack the offensive output they need. They’ve been stockpiling prospects for years and haven’t made a significant acquisition since Chris Archer,” they observed.

Luis Robert Jr. exits White Sox' victory over Yankees with sprained finger  - Chicago Sun-Times

Robert, a consistent performer with a .275/.324/.500 career batting line and an OPS of .824, has shown he can hit 38 home runs and steal 20 bases in a season.

He remains under contract for several more years, making him more than a short-term addition.

“Now’s the time! The NL Central is within reach, despite the Brewers’ strong season. With ten teams in contention for the NL Wild Card, the Pirates are right in the mix. They need a game-changer in their lineup, and Robert fits that bill,” the analyst concluded.

Acquiring Robert could elevate the Pirates from mere competitiveness to genuine playoff contention.

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