July 13, 2024

Following Klay Thompson’s surprising move from the Warriors to the Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green reflected on a poignant moment that deeply affected him. On his podcast, Green discussed his complex emotions upon seeing Steph Curry’s heartfelt Instagram tribute to his longtime teammate, which moved him to tears.

“I haven’t fully processed my feelings this morning,” Green admitted. “Earlier today, I found myself shedding a few tears. As I was contemplating, I came across Steph’s Instagram story with those photos.”

“It struck me because as I scrolled through, I noticed how many of those pictures included me,” Green shared. “It was surreal to see how intertwined our journeys were from the beginning, not knowing it would lead to this moment.”

Klay Thompson set to join Mavericks on 3-year deal, ending historic run  with Warriors: report | Fox News

Green expressed humility about his role compared to Curry and Thompson: “I don’t place myself on the same level as them. They’re at the pinnacle for me. I’ve always seen my role as supporting them.”

With Thompson’s departure, the legendary trio that led the Warriors to four NBA championships is no more, leaving a sense of loss in the Bay Area. Thompson’s move to a Western Conference rival stings, particularly since the Mavericks recently reached the NBA Finals.

Losing a cornerstone player inevitably brings grief, a sentiment that Green, Curry, and the Warriors organization will navigate this offseason as they aim to rebuild the roster for another postseason campaign.

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