May 24, 2024

Coventry City manager Mark Robins is eagerly anticipating the upcoming match against Stoke City at the Coventry Building Society Arena this weekend. This game marks the Sky Blues’ last fixture before the international break, and they are aiming to reverse their recent run of results.

Robins, in his pre-match comments, discussed the team’s recent misfortunes, emphasizing the positive aspects of their performances despite some critical decisions going against them. He acknowledged instances of unfavorable referee decisions, including a disputed penalty in the previous week, and expressed a desire for more clarity on such matters.

Despite the challenges, Robins remains optimistic about the team’s prospects, believing that their luck will eventually turn around. He stressed the importance of staying focused, maintaining confidence, and avoiding overanalysis. Robins highlighted the team’s positive aspects and their commitment to making things happen for themselves.

Regarding the overall performance of the team, Robins acknowledged the tough nature of the division, emphasizing the need for the team to adapt to the changes made this season. He recognized the team’s good football and the positive developments within the squad, expressing confidence that results would improve over time.

Looking ahead to the Stoke City match, Robins praised Stoke City manager Alex Neill for his organized and directed approach. He acknowledged Stoke City’s tactical flexibility and expressed hope that his team could turn the results around while maintaining consistent performance levels.

Robins also mentioned two former players, Luke McNally and Michael Rose, who now play for Stoke City. He reflected on their contributions to Coventry City and anticipated an interesting matchup against them.

Providing a squad update, Robins revealed that injuries were gradually resolving, with only Kasey Palmer remaining unavailable. He mentioned the return of Fabio and Liam Kelly’s progress in training. However, he noted some recent illness in the squad, leading to the postponement of the Community Day.

Robins concluded by discussing the progress of player Callum O’Hare, expressing optimism about his performance and acknowledging the challenges he has overcome following an injury.

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