May 28, 2024

We’re just days away from a crucial match in the 2023 season, right before the bye, and the Falcons face the challenge of securing a win against Arizona. The pressure is on, especially with the Saints leading the division and a crucial NFC South stretch ahead. Questions have arisen about the Falcons’ performance after losing two winnable games to quarterbacks making their first starts. Jeff Okudah expresses confidence in the team’s ability to respond in Arizona.

Addressing fan concerns in the Friday Bair Mail, Michelle Warren from Chicago asks about the underutilization of rookie RB Bijan. The response highlights factors such as early performances, competition in the backfield, and fumbling issues affecting Robinson’s playing time. The discussion delves into the distribution of touches among running backs, emphasizing the need for effective player management over the season.

Falcons QB Desmond Ridder slowly climbs QB index

Ron Rogers from Asheville, N.C., raises the issue of the Falcons’ quarterback strategy in upcoming drafts. The response acknowledges the uncertainty in the current season and suggests that the Falcons could be in the quarterback market, considering various options like a first-round pick, a trade, or a free-agent pickup.

Ed Helinskis from Auburn, New York, seeks a prediction on the number of games the Falcons will win in the remaining eight. The response refrains from making predictions but focuses on the team’s need to stay above .500 for playoff contention, emphasizing the importance of winning the division.

Debbie Spence from Charles Town, W.V., inquires about the absence of a QB coach and its impact on quarterback development, specifically mentioning Desmond Ridder. The response clarifies that while the Falcons don’t have a designated quarterbacks coach, OC Dave Ragone oversees the quarterback room, drawing on his coaching experience and technical expertise to guide quarterback development.

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