May 21, 2024

The recent game in Pittsburgh didn’t exactly mirror their 2013 encounter, but the Seminoles managed to secure a victory despite a less-than-stellar first-half performance. Florida State faced challenges due to the absence of key players, which noticeably affected their gameplay. However, this didn’t alter the end result. Norvell and the team emerged victorious, securing a spot in the ACC Championship Game and marking their ninth win of the season. The Seminoles now have three remaining regular-season games on their path to potentially returning to the ACC conference championship game in Charlotte.

The ‘Noles hope to extend their season in the College Football Playoffs after that. The Seminoles have three games remaining to complete their 2023 schedule, but that doesn’t important right now. All the information you require should be visible in the red and black double square flags that are now flying over the practice grounds. Tallahassee is about to experience an all too familiar storm.

For the first time since the historic “4th & 14” defeat at the hands of Jordan Travis, Mario Cristobal and the Miami Hurricanes visit the brick home that Bowden constructed. Thanks to the play of a quarterback who is a strong candidate for the Heisman Trophy, an outstanding group of wide receivers, and a formidable defense, the fourth-ranked ‘Noles have battled their way back into title contention since that terrible evening in 2021.




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