May 26, 2024

Throughout a season, certain expectations develop about a team, with moments of change and evolution interspersed. Despite the emotionally charged nature of college football, there’s a level of predictability that stems from a team’s tendencies and identity. Florida State’s performance over 10 games reveals imperfections, but it also showcases a consistent, expected run of dominance in each game.

Acknowledging the team’s flaws, particularly in extended periods, is one facet of the situation. However, the other side presents a captivating spectacle—the anticipated and inevitable dominance displayed by FSU in every game. The team, known as the “Sooner or Later Seminoles,” consistently wears down opponents with stretches of overwhelming performance, securing victories in a snowball of momentum. This duality, the good and the bad, manifested once again in their 10th consecutive win against rival Miami.

Three key takeaways from FSU’s latest victory are highlighted:

1. **The Defense’s A-game is Exceptional:**
The team’s defensive prowess, though not sustained for the entire game, was a significant factor in their success. Despite a well-covered 85-yard touchdown by CB Fentrell Cypress, the defense dominated the second half, limiting Miami to minimal yardage. Strategic pressure by defensive coordinator Adam Fuller, particularly in the second half, disrupted Miami’s offensive rhythm. The defensive unit, led by players like Joshua Farmer, Braden Fiske, and Kalen DeLoach, showcased controlled chaos, earning praise for their remarkable performance.

2. **Special Teams Earns Praise:**
Special teams played a crucial role, with a notable punt return by Keon Coleman shifting momentum and setting up the game-winning touchdown. Punter Alex Mastromanno excelled in field position battles, and kicker Ryan Fitzgerald contributed with successful shorter field goals. The coverage team demonstrated excellence, with impactful hits and strategic efforts contributing to FSU’s success in this facet of the game.

3. **FSU Demonstrates Maturity:**
The team’s ability to navigate challenges in the preceding weeks showcased its maturity. Despite imperfections in the rivalry game against Miami, FSU maintained composure and resilience. The understanding that a season has its ebbs and flows, coupled with the trust in the team and coach Mike Norvell, allowed FSU to weather moments of adversity. The team’s response to challenges, evidenced by a 17-point run, highlights its competitive nature and resilience.

In summary, while waiting for a complete game, FSU consistently delivers stretches of dominance, reaffirming the expectation that, sooner or later, they will seize control in every match.

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