May 26, 2024

The Nigerian player recently returned from international duty but suffered an injury against Lesotho. Reports suggest that he will be sidelined until the next year as a result. Awoniyi, who joined Forest from Union Berlin in 2022 for £18 million, underwent surgery for his persistent groin problem. This development, revealed by Charlotte Duncker of The Times, comes as a significant setback for both Awoniyi and Forest. Despite scoring his first goal since August against West Ham and a total of 15 goals since joining, his absence will be felt not only for his scoring prowess but also for his physical presence, which often posed a challenge for opposing defenders.

Premier League: Cooper issues Awoniyi update ahead of Nottingham Forest's  clash against Luton

Forest’s reliance on Awoniyi becomes evident, and the team now faces the challenge of compensating for his absence. Chris Wood, trailing closely in the goal-scoring charts, has three goals but has also been dealing with injury issues. Divock Origi is in reserve, hoping for an opportunity to showcase his capabilities. The upcoming January transfer window is eagerly anticipated, as finding a replacement for Awoniyi is crucial, and losing him at this juncture could have serious consequences for the team’s performance.

In the short term, Forest needs someone else to step up to fill the void left by Awoniyi. The team will not only miss his goal-scoring contributions but also his imposing physical presence, making it a challenging period for Forest. The hope is that this setback won’t severely derail the team’s season, emphasizing the urgency of finding a suitable replacement in the upcoming transfer window.

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