May 28, 2024

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel has experienced a range of football weather conditions throughout his playing and coaching career. In his earlier days as a wide receiver at Yale, despite the Ivy League typically concluding its season by mid-November, McDaniel likely encountered the chilly autumns of New England.

Fast forward to his current role in his second year with the Dolphins, and McDaniel has likely become accustomed to a milder climate.

Mike McDaniel, mastermind behind the NFL's most exciting offense, started  out as a Broncos intern | CNNDuring Miami’s recent 34-13 victory over the Jets, he was spotted near the MetLife Stadium sideline heater, leading to a humorous moment. As the Dolphins dominated with a 27-6 lead, McDaniel, receiving some flak from New York fans, playfully shouted to the crowd, “I’m cold!” He quickly added with a grin, “Also winning!”

The Dolphins have enjoyed a successful season with an 8-3 start, but the uncertainty remains about whether the playoffs will lead them to a warm or cold environment.

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