May 26, 2024

Gary O’Neil consistently voices his dissatisfaction with refereeing standards, a sentiment fueled by Wolves repeatedly falling victim to questionable VAR decisions and officiating errors. The team has suffered, missing out on a potential nine points due to numerous flawed calls, a shortfall that would have positioned them at 24 points and sixth place in the league.

The impact of these decisions on Wolves is evident, leading to frustration not only from O’Neil but also from Matheus Cunha, who has expressed his difficulty accepting the situation at Compton Park. In an interview with Wolves club media, Cunha acknowledged the challenges the team faces due to the recurring unfavorable decisions.

Cunha emphasized the emotional toll on the team, stating, “It’s hard. Everyone’s very upset. There’s been a lot of hard decisions against us, and I’m not the guy who’s come here to put the responsibility on someone else, but there’s been a lot of times. To hear them say sorry again and again, it’s very hard for us. We respect that every [incorrect] decision against us is not intentional; everyone makes mistakes, even us, 100 per cent, but it’s hard.”

Cunha’s frustration is justified, as Wolves, based on their performance, should rightfully be in the top half of the league. However, consecutive poor decisions have hindered their progress and deprived O’Neil of the recognition he deserves.

While acknowledging the team’s grievances, Dave Edwards, writing for Express and Star, points out the need for Wolves to be proactive in helping themselves. Despite the validity of their complaints, there is an acknowledgment that the team must avoid situations leading to penalties. Edwards suggests that a lack of common sense in the box, failure to clear the ball, and poor decision-making contribute to the penalties given against them. Therefore, in addition to addressing issues with VAR and referees, Wolves must exercise greater caution and avoid putting themselves in situations that lead to unfavorable decisions.

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