May 28, 2024

Percy conveyed the information on his Twitter account on November 29, indicating a growing anticipation at the club, drawing a parallel to Derby’s swift takeover last year, which concluded in just 17 days.

In a report on September 19, The Telegraph suggested that Albion, having failed to generate funds from player sales during the summer transfer window, might face a necessity for a significant player exodus in January.

BBC Sport journalist Steve Hermon, in a November 27 article, emphasized the imperative to reduce the wage bill at The Hawthorns, potentially resulting in the departure of some talented players in January. However, he clarified that the club would not be compelled to sell players at undervalued prices, irrespective of a takeover.

If the takeover materializes, the anticipated financial infusion and the probable resolution of existing debts at The Hawthorns would mitigate the urgency to sell players for financial gain. Instead, the focus would shift towards streamlining an inflated wage bill.

Currently, proceeds from player sales are likely to be allocated to clearing the club’s debts, as Guochuan Lai and the West Bromwich Albion Group Limited are hesitant to invest their personal funds into Albion.


A prospective takeover aims to bring an end to this scenario, and the expressed ambition to finalize it by January underscores the collective effort within the club to advance this agenda for the benefit of West Brom and its supporters.

Players like Grady Diangana, Tom Fellows, Brandon Thomas-Asante, and Alex Palmer have been linked to moves away from The Hawthorns since the summer transfer window. The hope now is that the impending takeover will instill confidence in Albion’s ability to retain their key players.

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