May 26, 2024

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has been accused of trying to kill Gordon Rasmay after he drove the chef round the Las Vegas strip in a Pirelli Hot Lap.

Ramsay was part of a large contingent of celebrities who gathered en masse to witness and soak in the atmosphere of the first-ever race at the Vegas street circuit.

The 57-year-old, having recently become a father for the sixth time, had a firsthand experience of the new track. The Mercedes team principal treated him to a lap in an AMG, providing Ramsay with a genuine taste of the racing circuit.

Wolff ‘tries to kill’ Ramsay in Hot Lap

In a post on X from the German team, the lap is packed with hilarious moments as Wolff leaves the restaurateur being thrown around the car back and forth.

As they begin to set off, Wolff asks Ramsay: “What’s the fastest you have ever driven on the strip?”

Before Ramsay can get a word in, the Austrian puts his foot to the floor and speeds down the straight, to which the Brit responds: “****! Yeah not this. Oh my god!”

As if the chef wasn’t on edge enough, Wolff hilariously pointed out his lack of experience of racing the new course.

“The problem is I have just started driving here. So I don’t know where the corners are,” he said.

After the pair come to a stop on the main straight, Ramsay is left crawling out of the car swearing and falling to his hands and knees on the track.

“******* hell. Seriously? Is he trying to ******* kill us! Oh my god,” he exclaimed.

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