May 27, 2024

It isn’t a surprise that ESPN’s Paul Finebaum is not a fan of Jim Harbaugh. Ever since Harbaugh came to Michigan, Finebaum has been very critical of the Wolverines coach. It has ramped up since the sign-stealing allegations have come to light and Finebaum is after the coach again. He blasted Harbaugh’s coaching style calling him a “dinosaur”.

Paul Finebaum Calls Jim Harbaugh A “Dinosaur”

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines working on contract extension

The conversation surrounding Harbaugh has been prominent this season, fueled not only by sign-stealing accusations but also by speculation about a potential move to the NFL. Finebaum expresses the belief that Harbaugh is resistant to adapting in a rapidly evolving college football landscape, describing him as somewhat of a dinosaur in this changing environment. Furthermore, Finebaum suggests that Harbaugh’s tenure at Michigan may come to an end after this season, irrespective of the team’s performance.

What Will Harbaugh Do?

A few weeks ago, there were reports indicating that the university was nearing an extension agreement with Harbaugh. However, negotiations hit a snag as the coach was asked to commit to not exploring NFL job opportunities. Since then, there haven’t been any updates on this matter. Recently, there have been reports of interest from the Los Angeles Chargers, and it appears that discussions between the two parties have taken place. This situation is expected to be a major talking point during the offseason, and the outcome may hinge on the actions taken by the NCAA regarding the sign-stealing scandal.

Speaking of Jim Harbaugh, despite his imperfections, I personally find it tiresome to constantly hear Finebaum criticize him. It’s clear that Finebaum doesn’t have a favorable opinion of Harbaugh. As Michigan gears up to face Alabama in the College Football Playoff, a victory for Harbaugh could potentially silence many critics, Finebaum included.

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