May 21, 2024

Joe Flacco’s calf injury status; What Denzel Ward is hoping for: Browns takeaways

In Berea, Ohio, Joe Flacco fully participated in Thursday’s practice, a contrast to his limited involvement on Wednesday’s estimated report. The Browns opted for an extensive walk-through instead of a full practice due to the upcoming Thursday night game against the Jets following their Sunday trip to Houston. Offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt noted that Flacco had a minor tweak but downplayed its significance.

Facing the Bears last Sunday, Flacco, operating behind a makeshift offensive line, endured four sacks and four hits in the 20-17 victory. Despite the challenges, he showcased agility beyond expectations, executing bootlegs, rollouts, and effectively utilizing the keeper game. Van Pelt commended Flacco’s mobility, highlighting successful scramble drills and a crucial late-game touchdown pass to Dave Njoku, emphasizing Flacco’s ability to make plays both outside and inside the pocket under pressure.

Joe Flacco giving the Browns a steady presence and leadership with a playoff spot in reach - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Denzel Ward hopes to play more

Ward made a return to the field against the Bears after sitting out three games due to a shoulder injury, but his playing time was restricted to 43 snaps, accounting for 59%. In contrast, Martin Emerson Jr. logged 71 snaps at 97%, and Greg Newsome II played 64 snaps at 88%.

Despite being limited in the previous game, Ward participated fully in Thursday’s practice and expressed optimism about his recovery. He acknowledged the Browns’ cautious approach, mentioning how they managed his playing time last week.

During his Thursday remarks, Ward noted, “It’s getting there. Feeling good, so, yeah, I’m good. I’m out there playing with my guys. I’m just glad to be back. Glad to be out there and trying to get a win each week.”

He acknowledged the team’s strategy in gradually reintegrating him, saying, “As you saw last week, I kind of got some plays, and then they took me out a little bit. I’m just trying to do as much as I can for this team to help them get a win and do my part. So when I’m out there, I’m going as hard as I can, and then at the end of the year, take care of itself. So just trying to stay out there for my guys and make plays.”

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