May 26, 2024

Cowboys Missing Critical Offensive Linemen in Week 16

In recent seasons, the Dallas Cowboys have consistently drawn strength from their offensive line, acting as a stabilizing force amid the challenges and inconsistencies faced by the rest of the offense. Regardless of the surrounding drama, the linemen in the trenches have played a crucial role in holding the team together. As the season progresses, teams typically rely on their most dependable assets to secure a spot in the playoffs.

This season, the cornerstone of Dallas’ offensive line has undoubtedly been the duo of left tackle Tyron Smith and right guard Zack Martin. Unfortunately, the Cowboys faced a setback as both key linemen missed Wednesday’s practice and appear doubtful to play against the formidable Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Cowboys Tyron Smith

Tyron Smith, a ninth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, has been a stalwart presence on the team, earning eight Pro Bowl selections during his tenure. Similarly, Zack Martin, drafted sixteenth overall in the 2014 NFL Draft, has been named first team All-Pro six times. The absence of these two formidable linemen would undoubtedly pose a significant challenge for Dallas this weekend.

While the running game has shown some inconsistency, the Dallas offensive line has enabled quarterback Dak Prescott to deliver impressive performances throughout the season, positioning him as a contender for the Most Valuable Player award. However, without his primary protectors, Prescott may be forced to rely more on his moderate elusiveness to create plays, as the pocket may not provide the usual level of protection.

The timing of these injuries couldn’t be worse for Dallas, as they are in a tight race to maintain their lead in the NFC East over the formidable Philadelphia Eagles. Currently relying on tiebreakers, Dallas cannot afford to drop another game this season and faces a critical juncture without the services of their top offensive linemen.

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