May 28, 2024

Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Contemplates Coach Smith’s Future Amidst Season Setbacks

After a disappointing defeat against the Carolina Panthers last Sunday, Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, conveyed the team’s perspective on the future of head coach Arthur Smith. He indicated that they would observe how the season unfolds before making any decisions. During an interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting on Tuesday, Blank affirmed the organization’s commitment to Coach Smith but noted that they would evaluate their situation and make decisions accordingly once the season is over.

Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Contemplates Coach Smith's Future Amidst  Season Setbacks - Sports Al Dente

The Falcons, who suffered a 9-7 loss to the NFL’s lowest-ranked team, experienced their second consecutive defeat, dropping them from the top spot in the NFC South and placing them at a 6-8 record. While Blank clarified that making the playoffs this season wasn’t a mandatory condition for Smith to maintain his position, he acknowledged the expectation for the team to show increased competitiveness. Atlanta had previously finished with a 7-10 record in both 2021 and 2022.

In the GPB discussion, Blank acknowledged the team’s mixed performance in this part of the season, highlighting Smith’s self-critical approach and his dedication to reflecting his family’s values in leadership. Blank stated, “So we’ll observe how the season unfolds and proceed from there.”

The Falcons are gearing up for their final playoff push in Indianapolis, with Desmond Ridder selected as the starting quarterback over Desmond Ridder. Heinicke had previously stepped in for Ridder in losses against Minnesota and Arizona in November. Following the game against the Colts, Atlanta will conclude the regular season with away matches against the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints. At 41 years old, Arthur Smith is currently in his third season as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

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