May 26, 2024

During a Thursday night match in Cleveland, there was a worrisome incident involving Elijah Moore of the Browns. In the second quarter, Moore was tackled in a manner that raised concern as he landed, with his head making initial contact with the ground before rolling onto his back. While on the ground, Moore’s head exhibited shaking, and his arms flailed uncontrollably.

Prompted by a concerned teammate, the training staff was called in as a precaution, leading the Amazon Prime Video broadcast to swiftly switch camera angles. The medical team attended to Moore, and although he was able to walk off the field with assistance, he did not rejoin the game. The Browns later confirmed that he had suffered a concussion.

Browns' Elijah Moore appears to convulse after tackle in scary on-field  incident

Dr. Evan Jeffries observed that Moore’s movements seemed “involuntary” and likely connected to a brain injury. Another medical professional, Jesse Morse, proposed the possibility of Moore experiencing a seizure.

Before the injury, Moore had a commendable performance with five receptions for 61 yards and a touchdown against his former team, the New York Jets. The Browns were already missing Amari Cooper due to a heel injury. As of the latest update, the Browns had not disclosed further details beyond confirming the concussion.

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