May 21, 2024

Trade with the Atlanta Falcons

According to a proposed trade proposal initially reported by FanNation Falcon Report, the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons would work together to negotiate a trade for Justin Fields that would benefit all parties involved.
According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Falcons, who will be in town on Sunday to play Fields and the Bears in the season’s penultimate game, may be scouting the Chicago quarterback for a possible spot as the team’s starting.

Justin Fields has not beaten the odds - Windy City Gridiron

Why Fields Makes Sense For The Falcons

Rectifying a perceived 2021 draft misstep, the Atlanta Falcons are considering a move to acquire Justin Fields, a Georgia native and lifelong Falcons fan. This strategic shift would address the choice to pass over Fields in favor of tight end Kyle Pitts, who had a successful rookie year but hasn’t sustained that level of performance. Despite Pitts’ achievements, the Falcons find themselves struggling at the quarterback position, with young prospect Desmond Ridder facing multiple benchings and backup options falling short.

Desmond Ridder is still a work-in-progress - The Falcoholic

Given their overall team strength, the Falcons seem unwilling to let a quarterback deficiency hinder their competitiveness. With a 2024 draft pick beyond the top 10, securing an impactful quarterback in the draft becomes a challenging prospect. Acquiring Fields emerges as a logical move for a team poised to win immediately.

However, other teams, including the Las Vegas Raiders, New York Jets, Washington Commanders, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, and Minnesota Vikings, have also expressed interest in the 24-year-old Fields. The competition for his services is heating up, adding an element of uncertainty to the potential trade scenario.


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