May 26, 2024

Mercedes changing ‘literally almost every component’ for new car – Wolff

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has expressed the intention to overhaul nearly every element of their car for the upcoming 2024 season. Following their second-place finish in the constructors’ championship last year, significantly trailing Red Bull, the team aims to depart from their previous ‘zero sidepods’ aerodynamic concept. Wolff emphasized a comprehensive transformation, encompassing the chassis layout, weight distribution, and airflow. Essentially, almost every component is set to undergo modification in their pursuit of improved performance, recognizing the necessity for such changes to enhance their competitive prospects, albeit with the acknowledgment of potential risks involved.

FIA “pretty strict” on wind tunnel compliance

Aston Martin’s performance director, Tom McCullough, assures that there are effective measures in place to prevent the transfer of wind tunnel data between Aston Martin and Mercedes. He explains that stringent regulations from the FIA, including inspections conducted by Dominic Harlow, are in place. McCullough emphasizes the strict separation between the two entities during the use of the Mercedes facility, with distinct access points and separate personnel managing the sessions. He expresses confidence in the confidentiality of the relationship with Mercedes, emphasizing the FIA’s role in overseeing and enforcing these measures.

Mercedes changing “every component” for W15 F1 2024 car

Interest in Motor Racing Highlights:

1. Ferrari Biopic Offers Immersive Racing Experience (The Age)

The Ferrari biopic immerses viewers in the high-octane world of racing, capturing the essence of the sport’s impact on families. Patrick Dempsey praises the movie for portraying the sacrifices, such as missing out on family moments, that come with the intense racing lifestyle. According to him, true dedication to racing means being fully committed without seeking a perfect balance.

2. McLaren’s Turning Point in 2023 F1 Season Revealed (Speedcafe)

Stella discusses the pivotal moment that turned McLaren’s 2023 F1 season around. Reflecting on Free Practice 1 in Austria, where Lando in the new car showcased enhanced speed in corners compared to Oscar in the previous car, Stella notes the visual impact of this event, signaling positive changes for the team.

3. Toto Wolff Envisions Spectacular Racing in New York (Boardroom)

Toto Wolff expresses his desire for Formula 1 racing in New York, particularly on Fifth Avenue. While acknowledging other potential venues, Wolff envisions a spectacular race in Manhattan, emphasizing the excitement of the prospect.

4. Verstappen’s Manager Talks F1 Influence and Pride in Zandvoort (

Vermeulen, Verstappen’s manager, discusses their involvement in Formula 1 decisions. He highlights Stefano Domenicali’s communication and willingness to consider their opinions. Vermeulen expresses pride in events like the extension of Zandvoort’s contract, emphasizing the positive reflection on Verstappen and his team.

5. Kevin Magnussen’s Career Challenges and Potential (Motor Sport)

The article reflects on Kevin Magnussen’s career, describing him as a dear friend and experienced F1 driver. It acknowledges his skills, fitness, and wisdom gained from his F1 journey. Despite being embedded at Haas, the article suggests that Magnussen, in his early 30s, could still achieve significant success if the right opportunity arises, though it appears elusive at the moment.

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