July 12, 2024

FOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS - OCTOBER 22: New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick looks on before the game against the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium on October 22, 2023 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The argument for Bill Belichick transitioning to a television role in 2024 rather than continuing his coaching career was originally presented on NBC Sports Boston.

As the New England Patriots conclude their 2023 season in a less-than-dignified manner, attention is focused on Bill Belichick. Although no official announcement has been made, it is anticipated that the Patriots will part ways with their iconic head coach of 24 seasons. A decision may be imminent following Belichick’s meeting with team owner Robert Kraft, reportedly scheduled for Monday.

Should Belichick indeed bid farewell to the Patriots, numerous teams are expected to vie for his services, including the Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Commanders, Los Angeles Chargers, Carolina Panthers, and Atlanta Falcons. While one of these destinations might pique Belichick’s interest, the question arises: would it be wise for him to take a hiatus to reassess his future? Following the Patriots’ 17-3 defeat to the New York Jets in the season finale, Tom E. Curran argued for Belichick to step away from coaching temporarily and join a broadcast crew.

Curran suggested, “If you look at CBS, or NBC, or FOX — at FOX, you have the opportunity to work with Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski. At NBC, you have the opportunity to work with Devin McCourty or Rodney Harrison. At CBS, they’re going to perhaps wipe out all of their older folks who have been there for a long time because they have expiring contracts, (Bill) Cowher, Phil Simms, James Brown.” He continued, “You go there, you catch your breath, you bounce your grandchildren on your knees for a while, you show what a great communicator you are, you show how sharp you still are, which he unbelievably is, and then you don’t have to rush in to go coach the Panthers or the Bears or the Chargers. You don’t have to squish the staff together in three weeks and be ready to go someplace else. You don’t have to get into a pissing contest with the Krafts. To me, television for one year, 72 (years old) ain’t what 72 used to be.”

While Belichick would undoubtedly excel as an analyst if he pursues this new career path, he does not appear eager to step away from the coaching sidelines anytime soon. Following Sunday’s game, when asked if the Patriots’ disappointing 4-13 season dampened his enthusiasm, Belichick responded, “I enjoy coaching. Like I said, it was a disappointing season. I like coaching the team, I like preparing the team, game planning, coaching on Sundays. But the results weren’t good, and none of those are happy with those.” Belichick is scheduled to conduct his end-of-year press conference on Monday at 7:30 a.m. ET.

Bill Belichick declines to talk about his future with the Patriots

Throughout the season, Patriots coach Bill Belichick consistently steered clear of discussions about the future, maintaining a focus on each upcoming game. Now, with no more games on the horizon, Belichick remains tight-lipped about what lies ahead.

Addressing reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Jets, Belichick attempted to preemptively deflect any questions regarding his future plans. He stated, “As far as the future goes, I’ll sit down with Robert [Kraft] as I do every year at some point at the end of the season, and we’ll talk about things as we always do.” He added, “I’m sure that’ll happen. But that’s really about all I have to say about that right now because there isn’t anything else to talk about.”

Despite his efforts to avoid discussions about his future, Belichick faced direct inquiries on the subject. When asked outright if he expects to be coaching the team in the next season, his response was evasive, focusing on his disappointment with the way the game concluded.

However, at one point, Belichick did express that he still finds enjoyment in coaching and all that it entails. This statement suggests that Belichick may indeed continue coaching next year, even if it’s not with the Patriots.

Perry details ‘drama’ on Pats coaching staff amid Belichick uncertainty

The New England Patriots find themselves at a crossroads, and internal discord seems to be unfolding as uncertainty surrounds Bill Belichick’s future with the team. According to Phil Perry’s report on Patriots Pregame Live ahead of the season finale against the New York Jets, there is speculation among some Patriots coaches about Belichick’s potential departure.

Perry mentioned, “I spoke with several sources who told me they truly don’t know, but if they were leaning in one direction in terms of where it might go, there are a lot who are assuming this will be Bill Belichick’s last game as head coach with the Patriots.” Perry noted that it may be challenging for Belichick to present a compelling case to Robert Kraft for his return.

The current season, which is potentially Belichick’s final one, has been marked by difficulties for the Patriots, holding a 4-12 record as of the report. Previous reports, including one from the Boston Herald, highlighted dysfunction within the coaching staff and locker room. Perry added further insights, revealing that there is “drama” within the coaching staff, with cliques forming and limited communication between them.

Interestingly, Perry observed that the drama is somewhat quieter in the personnel department compared to the coaching staff. Nevertheless, uncertainty looms among front office members regarding their futures if Belichick departs. Perry mentioned Eliot Wolf as a potential internal successor to Belichick as the general manager, while Jerod Mayo is considered the internal favorite for the head coaching position.

There is anticipation surrounding a meeting scheduled for Monday between Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick, adding to the unfolding drama. As the Patriots face the need for a new head coach and general manager if Belichick departs, the organization is in a state of flux, with internal dynamics potentially impacting the team’s future.

Report: Raiders, Commanders among teams hoping to meet with Belichick

A recent report from NBC Sports Boston suggests that several NFL teams, including the Las Vegas Raiders and the Washington Commanders, are eager to meet with Bill Belichick if his long-standing tenure with the New England Patriots comes to an end.

Despite a challenging 2023 season that saw the Patriots struggle and fall to the bottom of the AFC standings, Belichick remains highly regarded as a successful NFL head coach. With a remarkable six Super Bowl titles during his tenure with the Patriots since 2000, Belichick’s track record speaks for itself. Although he is under contract with the Patriots through 2024, the disappointing recent performance of the team raises questions about the future, and Belichick is expected to meet with Patriots ownership next week to discuss the plan going forward.

Should both parties decide to part ways, it is anticipated that multiple teams, including the Raiders and the Commanders, would express interest in hiring Belichick for his coaching expertise and success in the league. The outcome of the meeting between Belichick and Patriots ownership will likely shed light on the future direction for the legendary coach and his potential availability for other NFL teams.

If Bill Belichick were to leave the New England Patriots, several teams are reportedly interested in hiring him, with the Washington Commanders and the Las Vegas Raiders being mentioned specifically. According to The Athletic’s Dianna Russini, these organizations are hoping to get a chance to meet with Belichick, and there are potentially more teams in the background, depending on the outcomes of Week 18 games and playoff results.

The Raiders and Commanders present different scenarios for Belichick. The Raiders lack a franchise quarterback and won’t have a high first-round draft pick in 2024 to address this need. On the other hand, the Commanders are likely to have a high pick in the draft and the opportunity to select a top quarterback, but they also need to address several roster weaknesses, particularly along the offensive line.

Another team that has been speculated as a potential destination for Belichick is the Los Angeles Chargers. Although not considered a strong contender at the moment, the Chargers do have a franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert.

While these teams may not be immediate contenders, the allure of working with Belichick’s coaching expertise and the potential for organizational improvement could make them appealing destinations for the legendary head coach. The situation is likely to become clearer after the conclusion of Week 18 games and the subsequent playoff outcomes.

If Bill Belichick leaves, there most likely won’t be a trade

The speculation surrounding the future of Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots is uncertain, but one safe conclusion is that he most likely won’t be traded. The practicalities of such a scenario make it improbable, considering the complexities involved.

Belichick has no compelling reason to participate in a trade, and the process itself would be time-consuming. Other teams would need to adhere to the Rooney Rule, causing delays in their pursuit of hiring Belichick. Additionally, coordinating a trade would require significant discretion, as the NFL might penalize all parties involved, especially given the Patriots’ connection.

While it’s conceivable that the Patriots and another team could have made pre-arrangements before the end of the regular season for a potential transaction, the intricacies and potential repercussions make it an unlikely scenario. Cooperation from Belichick, who has no incentive to participate, is a key component, and any such efforts coming to light could lead to NFL repercussions.

In summary, if Bill Belichick were to leave the Patriots, it’s more likely to be through termination or a mutual parting rather than a trade scenario, which presents logistical and practical challenges.

Jets lead Patriots 6-3 after snowy first half in New England

One of Bill Belichick’s initial significant victories as the head coach of the Patriots occurred on a snowy playoff night at Gillette Stadium. Now, what could potentially be his last game with the team is unfolding amid a snowy backdrop once again.

The football stakes are considerably lower this time. Both the Jets and the Patriots have no chance of making it to the postseason. The primary storyline, aside from the weather, revolves around the possibility of Belichick parting ways with the Patriots.

If this indeed marks the end of Belichick’s tenure in New England, he is currently on a path that would conclude with a loss. Greg Zuerlein has successfully converted two out of three field goal attempts, and the Patriots have only managed to position themselves for one attempt, resulting in a 6-3 lead for the Jets after the first half.

The Jets have surpassed the Patriots in total yardage, leading 133-69, with running back Breece Hall contributing 76 yards on 17 carries to lead their offensive efforts. Bailey Zappe is 6-of-15 for 48 yards for the Patriots, but the option of turning to Mac Jones is unavailable, as the 2021 first-round pick is inactive for Sunday’s game.

Edelman sends Belichick message after possible last game with Patriots

Edelman conveys a heartfelt message to Belichick following potential last game with Patriots, as reported by NBC Sports Boston.

After a 17-3 defeat to the New York Jets on Sunday, Bill Belichick and the Patriots departed Gillette Stadium, possibly marking the conclusion of an era in New England. Earlier reports hint at Belichick’s imminent departure following a challenging 4-13 season, making Sunday’s loss a potential farewell for Belichick as a Patriot.

Julian Edelman, who enjoyed a successful 12-year NFL career entirely with the Patriots, flourished under Belichick’s guidance. Accumulating 6,822 career yards on 620 receptions and scoring 36 touchdowns, Edelman played a pivotal role in helping Belichick and the Patriots secure three Super Bowl titles, earning a Super Bowl MVP as well.

Edelman expressed his gratitude to Belichick with a message posted on X after Sunday’s game, saying, “If that really is the end. It was a hell of a run, coach. #FoxboroForever.”

Edelman has consistently maintained positive opinions about Belichick, even during New England’s recent struggles. While acknowledging Belichick as the greatest coach of all time, he recognizes the business aspect of the NFL.

In a recent interview on NBC Sports Boston’s Patriots Talk Podcast with Tom E. Curran, Edelman emphasized the need for a candid conversation between Belichick, team owner Robert Kraft, and the organization at the end of the year. He stressed the importance of understanding Coach Belichick’s desires, whether he still wants to be with the team or not. Edelman believes that if Belichick decides it’s time to part ways, he has earned the right to be involved in that decision.

Belichick’s remarkable tenure in New England includes six Super Bowl titles, making him the second-most winning head coach of all time, surpassed only by Don Shula.

In addition to Belichick, Patriots’ special teamer Matthew Slater is also speculated to have played his final game in New England on Sunday.

Following the loss, the Patriots are anticipated to secure the third overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. The final landing spot will be determined by the outcomes of other games around the league on Sunday.

Bill Belichick, Patriots head for likely divorce

The football operation in New England is still a work in progress, and it won’t be considered complete until it reaches that point. After today’s season finale, significant changes are expected in the football operation.

The likelihood of Coach Bill Belichick returning is minimal, and a trade is highly improbable, as discussed earlier. If and when a change occurs, it will likely be a termination or a mutual parting.

This season’s disappointment is seen as the trigger, but issues may have started last year when Belichick appointed Matt Patricia as the offensive coordinator. This decision led to a notable decline in quarterback Mac Jones’ performance, who had a successful rookie year and made it to the Pro Bowl. Belichick’s choice seemed questionable at the time and was proven to be so in subsequent events.

There’s also a question of whether Belichick is adapting to modern aspects of the game and if he’s open to change. While his coaching skills are acknowledged, the contemporary game involves more than just on-field and preparation abilities. The coaching staff at Kraft’s disposal is smaller compared to other teams, and there might be trust issues with those working for him. Belichick also seems resistant to adopting innovations aligned with the current direction of the game.

This approach results in a football team that operates as if it’s still in past decades, making it challenging to succeed in the 2020s. The lack of a playoff win in the last five years is a clear indication of this. Given that Belichick may not coach for another five years, the time appears ripe for a shift towards the future. If there’s no attempt to trade Belichick, the future could arrive sooner than later.

While there’s a possibility that Belichick could present a case to ownership for modernizing the football operation, the current situation in New England is a consequence of his historical reluctance to make the necessary changes.

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