May 26, 2024

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don’t have the latest information on specific player transfers or team activities beyond that date. Therefore, I cannot confirm the recent transfer of Cameron Calhoun to the Utah Utes or any other updates in the transfer portal market.

Cameron Calhoun leaves Michigan Wolverines to transfer; UK Football should  pursue - A Sea Of Blue


To get the most current and accurate information on college football transfers and team news, I recommend checking official team websites, reputable sports news outlets, or the official social media accounts of the Utah Utes football team for the latest updates on player transfers and other team-related announcements.

Hailing from Ohio as a highly sought-after four-star recruit, Calhoun stood out as his high school’s record-holder for interceptions, totaling an impressive 14. Opting for Michigan over other notable programs like Kentucky, Cincinnati, and West Virginia, he spent a single season as a Wolverine, making appearances in two games.

Given the departure of several starters and contributors to the NFL Draft or the transfer portal, he now has an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the secondary. Notably, he becomes the second addition to Utah’s secondary through transfer, alongside Georgia Tech’s Kenan Johnson, and there may be more additions in the future.

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