May 28, 2024

Not only Dallas Cowboys fans but also players were frustrated with the team’s early exit from the NFL playoffs. Jane Slater, an NFL Network insider, shared insights from the Cowboys’ locker room after their significant loss to the Green Bay Packers. Despite the disappointing performance, Slater emphasized that head coach Mike McCarthy still enjoys support from the Dallas players.

In a message dated January 15, 2024, Slater conveyed, “To the fans who think this team has quit on Mike McCarthy, my conversations with players don’t indicate that at all.” She found it intriguing to hear players defend McCarthy, praising his leadership style, team culture, and his impact both on and off the field. The players took ownership of their failure, standing out as a testament to their support for McCarthy.

However, Slater acknowledged that there were pockets of frustration among Cowboys players directed at both McCarthy and quarterback Dak Prescott. Some players expressed skepticism about the team’s failure to adapt during the loss, and there were concerns about Prescott’s ability to progress beyond his initial read.

Cowboys Rumors: Player Leaks Frustration With Dak Prescott

While fans might dismiss these concerns, Slater highlighted the significance of players’ thoughts as owner Jerry Jones contemplates decisions for the team’s future. Another player’s frustration centered around a perceived stubbornness in sticking to certain strategies on both offense and defense. There were concerns about the effectiveness of static schemes and worries that Prescott tends to panic when his first read is unavailable.

Dak Prescott Is Still ‘Incredibly Supported’ in the Dallas Cowboys Locker Room, Says Insider

The following day, Slater made an effort to provide additional context to her initial report. The NFL Network reporter emphasized that Prescott continues to enjoy significant support within the team’s locker room. However, Slater acknowledged in her original report that there exists some level of frustration with the performances of both McCarthy and Prescott in the team’s last game.

In a series of tweets on January 16, Slater admitted, “I shouldn’t have condensed it into a tweet and should have added more nuance.” She clarified that her intention was not to stir up locker room drama and explicitly stated that she did not speak with CeeDee Lamb. Instead, she aimed to gauge perspectives on Mike McCarthy in light of external criticism and the issues faced in the game on Sunday.

Slater emphasized that Dak Prescott receives significant support within the locker room, but acknowledged that Prescott himself admitted it wasn’t his best game on Sunday. She expressed a desire for fairness and apologized for not being clearer, emphasizing that she does not want the narrative to take on a life of its own, as it has evidently done.

Cowboys Rumors: Dallas Is Treating Meeting With Mike McCarthy ‘Like a Job Interview’

The conclusion of yet another season for the Cowboys brings about a situation where information regarding McCarthy’s future is shrouded in mystery. According to a report from Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher, McCarthy is expected to approach his meeting with team owner Jerry Jones as if it were a job interview. Despite being under contract with the Dallas Cowboys for one more season, McCarthy finds himself in a position where he may effectively be auditioning for his own job, especially considering the team’s modest playoff success with just one win in four seasons.

In an article dated January 16 titled “Mike McCarthy Meeting with Cowboys’ Jerry Jones ‘Like a Job Interview,'” Fisher noted, “Coach Mike McCarthy is already under contract with the Dallas Cowboys for one more season. But he will nevertheless be figuratively presenting his resume to team owner Jerry Jones when he meets with the team owner this week in what one source tells will be ‘like a job interview.'”

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